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historia historia La Taberna de Chana was founded back in 1996. Arises primarily as a family restaurant which involve 3 brothers Chana family for decades were devoted to seafood in one of the more traditional markets of Vallecas.

The restoration was started in the then newly released Valdebernardo district, on the Boulevard Indalecio Prieto No. 13. Home complicated as all beginnings, but very satisfying and would mark the birth of a large chain of restaurants.

Valdebernardo knew the house fit the circumstances of the brand new neighborhood renewed several times to meet different clients at the time, being in principle the main clientele all construction workers who were busy creating the new district and then all the number of people who give life to this charming neighborhood.

Today Valdebernardo restaurant is a classic in the neighborhood where our customers enjoy the portions and traditional dishes, our famous Fish Fry, Roast Potatoes eternal, the amazing grilled seafood or vegetable tempura recently released our infinite Charter. These are some of the many portions that can be accompanied by an excellent taste Vermouth, a good wine or a beer always refreshing.

Only happen a year for Chana brothers opened another restaurant in the nearby suburb of Moratalaz, without departing too much and in the direction of Street Source Carrantona opens its doors in 1997 the first Taberna de Chana. Where they will lay the foundations to the birth of a chain of restaurants with their own unique style where the decor, furniture, your tiles, bricks and other period detail make the customer feel trapped in time most traditional Madrid.

This is where you create a letter displayed the traditional dishes of Madrid where we find the Tripe Madrid, the Stew Baked Snails or Madrid. Not to mention the usual tapas like anchovies in vinegar, the ham, Grilled Prawns, Tables of Pates and Cheese and an assortment of canapés and toast with the client to La Taberna de Chana is surprised, for its variety, quantity and clarity.

It is very flirtatious Tavern on Moratalaz, but the establishment does not boast too many square meters terrace undertook to convince loyal customers. They take their tops and their canes as they throw in a few bars and sunbathing at sunset encourages the spirit of anyone.

Two years later opened its doors La Taberna de Chana in Las Rosas. Another corner is surprising, since time seems to stop. Noble and beautiful this tavern where you ever need to stop and take a drink. Certainly no plans as simple as an aperitif that bring us closer to that state we all crave and that is none other than happiness, where even the best can be a newspaper company and of course a good rod and a good cover.

This is where you decide to expand much more demand, to satisfy the broad acceptance in the neighborhood because this new restaurant giving way to new dishes like duck breast with raspberry sauce, the squid in its ink, or the Grilled Vegetables the lamb sweetbreads, without losing sight of the taste of traditional cuisine and home to both our identity.

Three years later, La Taberna de Chana has outdone opening another beautiful setting in the traditional neighborhood of Vicálvaro. With a well-decorated and in line with its sister pubs, this charming hotel is the best place to surprise your friends, your partner or a professional commitment, for its atmosphere, its calm and professionalism of the staff that for years serving the local clientele of this precious.

This famous team directed the managers of the establishments and for many years with us on this adventure. On the day the deal has become a complicity, which overcomes problems and everyday life in a family atmosphere that Chana brothers have been responsible for much care and pampering.

In 2007 opens its doors La Taberna de Chana de Coslada, who knows if the last one, I bet, not sure. Another gem decorated with a thousand details on their roofs, their woods, his paintings, a collection of corkscrews is surprising in its walls and classic magnum bottles of the best wineries, large windows where, from the table see the beautiful sky of Madrid and their evenings with a good wine and good company.

Any time of day is good for a snack, either in the comfortable lounge or in the beer barrels where customers can avail himself of beer. When the meal there are two spacious and comfortable rooms, where every day the customer can enjoy your lunch or family gathering with a wide range of possibilities, from a simple but hearty menu of the day, even the menus and dishes most special of the house.

So far the journey from La Taberna de Chana, with the hope and determination flag daily, trying to better themselves and better every day looking for the best products and best recipes for our food and trying to offer, not a good service, but something better, which is trying to gain their trust and complicity that is what we expect of all customers who sit at the table at La Taberna de Chana.

We look forward to many more years being the corner of their lives where they meet with their families and friends and they are satisfied that the Chan family, still works with the passion and momentum that puts in everything he does.

Thanks for all these years.

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